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Chickens from Nathan's Farm

If you are wondering where to get chickens in Buckinghamshire, Nathan's Farm is the place to come to. We have a wide selection of chicken breeds for sale, ensuring that we have the right breeds to suit you.

At Nathan's Farm, we are constantly breeding chickens so we are never short on stock. Here are the breeds of chicken we sell:
  • Buff Orpington
  • Cochin
  • Dorking
  • Frizzle
  • Leg horn
  • Light Sussex
  • Maran
  • Naked neck
  • Orpington
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Polish
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Silkie
  • Silver lace wyandotte

Ducks and geese for sale

In addition to chickens, we also breed ducks and geese at Nathan's Farm. Whatever you choose to buy from us will be bred and cared for to the highest possible standard, and hence will be very healthy. 

You can also buy tasty goose eggs from us at affordable rates. Contact Nathan's Farm in Chalfont St. Giles to discuss your requirements. 

Eggs for sale 

You can also buy eggs from us at affordable rates.
  • Quails eggs x 30          £3.00
  • Chicken eggs x 6          £1.50
  • Chicken eggs x 12        £3.00
  • Duck eggs                     40p each
  • Turkey eggs                   50p each
  • Goose eggs                   £1.50 each
  • Rhea eggs                    £10.00 each
Fertilised eggs are available. Please contact Nathan's Farm in Chalfont St. Giles for availability and prices. 
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Visit a poultry at Chalfont St. Giles. Contact Nathan's Farm
on 07745 292 807
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